Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elves are snobs.

Above you see three Clerics and one Archer. Having a squad of three healers and one ranged attack is not particularly efficient, but it is fun.

Few things are more hilarious than a squad made up entirely of 4 or 5 female Clerics running around trying to kill things. (According to one of my faction mates, few things are also hotter.)

This happens pretty often when I'm playing as my Cleric. I always ask for help, since it's really hard to do things alone as a Cleric. The people who answer my pleas for help are those who understand my position--basically, other Clerics.

That's why so often I find myself in a troupe of lightweight chicks frantically throwing spells at Ursogs and dying after every other skirmish. One evening it was a constant parade back and forth between the respawn point and the enemy territory.

If you don't let it frustrate you, it's amusing.


  1. Actualy, clerics are designed for either solo fighting or group fighting. If you train your magic and vitality,she or he will have a high survivability rate. You'll be able to use powerful healing and attack magic, so clerics are like battle mages-Toka
    Also, if you followed the class point guide,you should be able to equip the FB weapons

  2. I have a vit build which stat wise: every two levels I put in 6 Mag 1 Str 3 Vit.

    Which is nice cause I get all the magic weapons that goes with my current level and I have decent HP. :)