Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I feel my writings in this blog have neglected an important part of my Perfect World experience, and that is my dear friend Rodneye the Blademaster.

I owe this boy a lot. The beginning of my acquaintance with Rodneye also marks the time I actually started participating in Perfect World as a multi-player game.

We met at the beginning of spring break, which happened to be the same week for both of us. Free of the shackles of school and work, we went exploring all night, traveling pretty much all over the map by the end of the week. We frolicked on the mountains with the Ostial Centipexes. In the proud, ancient city of Archosaur, we swam in the fountain. And once, somehow, we got stuck in a volcanic wasteland surrounded by some of the strongest enemies in the game. A compassionate level 80 Blademaster had to lead us out.

Rodneye is the one who invited me into my first faction--which so happens to be directed by his sister Kristei. Then, despite my protests, he talked Kristei into rapidly promoting me.

"I hope you know you're pretty much my best online friend," he said to me once. It was one of the last things he said; he hasn't been online in over a week. He could be occupied with school, or, for all I know, he could be grounded from the computer. But his sister hasn't been online either, and I'm worried about them.

It might be time for me to give up on Rod, but I still check my friends list every time I'm on, looking for him.

Here's to you, Rod, my best online friend. I hope you come back soon.


  1. Is there a way you can private message him? Maybe you can send him a message he can read later explaining that you're worried about him. That's always a nice way to tell someone you care =)


  2. I sent him mail in the game, but he can't read it if he doesn't log in. I don't have any other way of getting in touch with him, unless he contacts me on my DeviantART page.

  3. hey i'm reading this and i am rodney your freind sorry my computer is virused so i won't be on 4 a while sorry to worry you i can't stand to see the problems i coaused so here i am heh hope to see you soon.-rod



  5. hi again.........i'm bored so i decided to post a coment again well i like you articles and might get on for rare occsions i'll e-mail you if i can that night ok?hope tomeet up soon -rod

  6. hillo!!
    i am bord again so im putting up another thingy!!! i know how mature is a 14 year old like me!^_^
    btw it was my birthday may 28th
    oh wells i is so vewy smart O_o
    btw email me i haven't got 1 thing of mail fr the whole week!!!!! >_< dat sucks !@#$!!-wods!!(rods)